CWP-properties is a new real estate broker active in the region around Marbella . But what is new, the founder and responsible partner of CWP is Clarie Wohl and we know her over more then 20 years  as one of the best if not the best and most reliable real estate agent of the Costa del Sol. We have used  a lot of her professional services since the late 90’s . It was always top notch and will remain so for sure . That boundless energy , her enthusiasm and her professionalism is something that you will not forget . If you want to know anything about a purchase or sale of a property then you have the right person in the right place. You will have no regrets.

Kees and Bea


In the beginning of 2015 we decided to sell our house. From acquaintances we got  Clarie Wohl’s  phone number ( ). At a meeting on a Sunday afternoon it soon became clear for us that, without doubt, we could go into business with Clarie. During the sales period , she did her utmost, in her charming way, to inform interested parties and give them all the answers.  Also she showed her knowledge and expertise of the business. Through her ​​arbitration our home has been for sale only 6 months and we got our asking price with a small difference. Not to forget to mention that the professional images supporting the sale undoubtedly has  added to the success of this sale. The financial winding up went well and I heard nothing but praise for this transaction.

Alma and Jan 


In the past we have done various  business deals with Clarie. Bought apartments, sold them and purchased again.  Now we are at a point that we want to sell again and of course Clarie of CWP-properties has it for sale. The good thing is that Clarie keeps you fully informed when a viewing is planned and has been and reports afterwards what the reaction of the viewers was and if there is result. I have been present when she came with viewers and she did not forget to mention any detail. It’s nice to know  that Clarie of CWP-properties uses all her energy to show your home as best as possible, with images and text as well as with potential clients.

Henk and Aly 


In the past we have purchased a penthouse through Clarie and it  was not just a sales matter, but she did all what was necessary to finish the whole deal. She guided you almost hand in hand through every step of the whole process.  For example, if a constructor is needed or cleaning, furnishing, maintenance etc.  But not only that. In the past  they created a social evening once a week where they offered the first drink with the intention that new owners could meet each other and new beautiful friendships were formed. Therefore, we can wholehearted recommend Clarie of CWP-properties. She helps not only to buy or sell, but she is there  also for you.

Ton and Narda