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Good food at the Costa del Sol

Good food at the Costa del Sol

In Spain, good food is a part of everyday life. Because the Spaniards like most southern European nations a social people, they do not like to eat on their own. On the contrary, the more people sitting around the table, the better they have it. And this concerns loudly and cheerfully to it, because the Spaniard is not beaten dumb fast.

Spanish cuisine is not so much known for its exquisite menus, but they have an independent character. Anyone who has tried for example, in different places in the world “gambas al ajo” (shrimp in garlic sauce) will have to admit that they taste just as in Spain when they should taste. The same is the case with tapas. These small bites are getting any good Spanish bar and tastes just so good. Especially with a glass of sherry!

A good tapas bar (Tasca) always new delights in at least twenty different variations. There are cold delicacies such as pickled vegetables in oil, sharp cheeses, hot and spicy red sausages or chorizos, but there are hot tapas (vegetables, organ meats marinated, small fish). Everything looks so inviting that a raid an afternoon or evening meal can replace. Well past several tascas

In Spain, one need not decide typical Spanish food. Lovers of fast food have also on the Costa del Sol hungry. All known burger chains here have long been an establishment. And of course in all tourist places also Italian, French and even Dutch cuisine represented.


The Spaniards drink with meals and wine still mainly in Andalusia called sherry. Sherry is in fact produced in Andalusia. A glass of “fino”, dry sherry, is a popular aperitif before dinner. Famous are the Spanish wines from the region of La Rioja. Equals the quality of French Bordeaux wines, but they are considerably cheaper.

The Andalusian table is quite delicious. In the area around Almeria example, very dry wine from Costa Albondón get. Wines from Málaga, however, very sweet and heavy. Malaga is drunk as a dessert wine. Who wants to stay clear is best mineral water or sparkling (con gas or sin gas) take. After the food is “cafe solo”, black tea, or “café cortado”, with a dash of milk, recommended.

Eating Habits

Food in Spain is one of the most enjoyable daily rituals. The richly varied cuisine, along with the fun of the Spaniard in the gastronomic culture, make that in both large cities and small rural villages, it is very easy to find. Proper dining From the traditional homely menus to acclaimed restaurants with five forks, anyone can find the best price / quality ratio that corresponds to his or her own taste and preference.

Mealtimes all meals are about a half hour later than the European average meal times, although the long hours of the eateries all enable customers to keep. Their own habits The menu with the prices usually hangs at the entrance of the restaurants. They also often offer a daily menu at a generally lower price. The operation is included in the price of the dishes, though common, but not required, is between five and ten percent of the total amount as a tip for giving the operation. Most restaurants close one day a week (Sunday or Monday), although there are numerous opportunities exist that are always open and where anything could be. Eaten at any time of the day